Questback Survey Questionnaire


Our aim is to map where Health Communication Research in Europe takes place. We'd like to provide the members of the ECREA Temporary Working Group Health Communication and the members of the respective national organisations (e.g. DGPuK Interest Group Health Communnication) with contact information on institutions and researchers dealing with topics in the field of Health Communication. We think and hope that this will facilitate exchange of ideas (and perhaps even researchers) and make possible new international cooperations within Europe.    

This is why we'd like to make available contact information of researchers and institutions dealing with topics in the field of Health Communication on the official Website of ECREA TWG and the respective Websites of the national organisations. We would therefore kindly ask you to complete our short online form. It won't take longer than 2 minutes.

Of course we treat your data carefully and use it only for the purposes mentioned above. 

Thank you and kind regards,

Doreen Reifegerste, Markus Schäfer, Thomas Friemel & Julia van Weert
(for ECREA TWG HC & DGPuK Interest Group HC)