World Education Leadership Symposium - Online Conference

Quality of Life - Education (Leadership) Matters

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Submission of a Proposal for WELSmain 2021, Parallel Program,

Second half day, September 29, 2021 (3pm CEST*)

Education and Leadership - Research and Practice

A variety of short research and practice based presentations and discussion forums are provided. In roundtables current challenges and opportunities in the fields of school effectiveness, school improvement, and education leadership will be discussed. The core idea is to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

*3pm Zug/CH CEST (for example 6am San Fransisco, 9am New York, 10am São Paulo, 2pm London, 3pm Berlin, 4pm Mombasa, 9pm Shanghai / Singapore / Hong Kong, 11pm Sydney)

1. General information

Thematic strands in the English-speaking Parallel Program are:
  • Educational Change, Evaluation and Improvement
  • Educational Networks, Cooperation and System Leadership
  • Digitalization in Education
  • Inclusion, Equity and Equality in Education
  • Migration, Democracy and Citizenship in Education
  • Health and Resilience in Education
  • Professionalization of School Leaders, Leadership Learning
  • Educational Policy, Reform and Governance
  • Practices of Education Leadership around the World
  • Research on Education Leadership around the World
  • COVID-19 Educational Research: Crisis in Society and Impact on Education around the World

Thematic strands in the German-speaking Parallel Program are:

  • Lernen, Unterricht und Erziehung
  • Organisation, Wissens- und Qualitätsmanagement
  • Personalmanagement (von Personalauswahl bis Personalentwicklung)
  • Kooperation in der Schule sowie nach aussen, Netzwerke, Bildungslandschaften und System Leadership
  • Lehrerbildung- und Führungskräfteentwicklung
  • School Turnaround
  • Digitalisierung in Unterricht, Schule und Bildungssystemen
  • Inklusion und Bildungsgerechtigkeit
  • Migration in Bildungssystemen
  • Partizipation und Demokratie in Bildungssystemen
  • Gesundheit und Resilienz in Bildungssystemen
  • Governance und Bildungspolitik, Reform und Steuerung in Bildungssystemen
  • Internationale Perspektiven auf die Praxis pädagogischer Führung
  • Internationale Perspektiven auf die Forschung zu pädagogischer Führung
  • COVID-19 und Bildungsforschung: gesellschaftliche Krisen und deren Auswirkungen auf Schule und Bildung
Presentations are expected to report
a) summaries of ongoing or completed research projects,
b) promising and innovative practice or
c) to provide a brief (critical) reflection on a current question to our topics.

To present at WELSmain we welcome submissions in the format of 10 to 15-minute presentations.

Target Group:
Since the WELS is an expert meeting with target groups from different fields (science, practice, supervision, support and third sector), the contributions should always address all these target groups as addressees.

Proposal Submission
Proposals can be submitted pragmatically in the form below. Please fill out the form till latest June 13, 2021. Each proposal should provide a maximum 250 words abstract. Filling in the submission form takes only a few minutes.

Received proposals will be reviewed. Upon a positive assessment, your contribution will be accepted in the program. It is planned that you will receive feedback no later than July 11, 2021.

Please note that the submission of a conference proposal does not equal to a registration for the conference. Please register yourself and your co-presenter(s) for the WELSmain at WELSmain Registration by latest September 1, 2021. Registration is free of charge.